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Hello. My name is Beverly. Welcome to this little nook on the face of the internet. I’m a physician by profession; a dreamer by recollection. Currently Philippine based. Drop me a line at

My General Anxieties: A Quick Life Recap (August 28, 2020)

[Allow me to repost an old blog content from a previous hosting platform. This is a post from four months ago while I was frustrated with the upcoming board exams and the general Philippine society.] 28 August 2020 I am approximately two months away from the Philippine Physician Licensure Exam’s tentative date and here IContinue reading “My General Anxieties: A Quick Life Recap (August 28, 2020)”

Happy Covidays.

It has been a helluva of a year. It’s been so bad I don’t even need to discuss it anymore because everyone, and I mean literally everyone, is affected. Murphy’s law was so on point this year. Okay, this year has not been a complete downer for me. I passed my licensure exams after yearsContinue reading “Happy Covidays.”

Hello, there.

This is my attempt to a blog post. Let me introduce myself. My name is Beverly and I’m a newly-minted physician from the Philippines. I decided to formally start a blog because, other than I felt like it, I had this raging urge to tell the world what is on my mind but not inContinue reading “Hello, there.”

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